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The Vagina Museum re-opens with the help of 58 artists

The Vagina Museum is the world’s first bricks and mortar museum dedicated to vulvas, vaginas and the gynae anatomy. In a drive to keep it open and keep it spreading knowledge, empowering women and people with vulvas, and raising awareness of social justice and public health, artists of all disciplines have donated pieces to the museum’s Open Soon campaign, to raise money to support its reopening this week.

The idea for the campaign came from creatives Nathalie Gordon, Amy Fasey and Jacob Hellström, who contacted artists of different genders, sexualities and nationalities to contribute original pieces of art for the Museum to be sold at an online auction with all proceeds going back to the Museum in a bid to keep it open.

The Vagina Museum operates on a fully inclusive basis and is proud to be an LGBTQ+ and intersex ally – it was paramount that the people approached to work on this campaign (and the work created) were representative of that. In the end, 58 artists created unique pieces based on the vagina. From embroidered textile banners from Millie Sewell-Knight to line drawing of public hair from Mr. Bingo to gold leaf covered clay casts of the clitoris from Merissa Hylton to a queer self-portrait from Ezra Smith, the breath of original pieces available is truly unique.

We’re delighted to be partnering with the Vagina Museum to celebrate it’s re-opening by donating our poster space. A selection of the beautifully evocative artworks are now being featured on our sites across London.



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