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Bringing joy to city streets with Happy Scrubs and Grey London

Happy Scrubs are a new social enterprise designed to bring joy and happiness to carers and the people they care for.

Inspired into existence by one of the most difficult years in recent memory for health and care workers, they’ll be creating bold, bright and colourful scrubs for people to buy and send to a care home or hospice of their choosing. For its launch, the project has joined up with Grey London – and we’ve partnered up with them both to bring Happy Scrubs to the streets.

The social enterprise is the brainchild of Harry Wright, a young entrepreneur who began his professional life as a ballet dancer, but made a bold step to explore different passions through mentoring platform OKO. There he met his future business partner, Dave Evans, who helped him to prioritise his passions for creativity and helping others.

Grey London and Happy Scrubs have kickstarted the new venture by enlisting a number of artists to create unique and joyful artworks in their distinctive styles, with each piece being inspired by the project. The resulting works, by Morag Myerscough, Rude, Supermundane, Marcus Walters and Murugiah, will be displayed on our sites in Birmingham, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow and London, ahead of a fundraising auction for the project where the pieces will be available to buy.

In amongst all the PPE produced for hospitals over the past year, care homes relying on donations of scrubs have missed out – so it’s Happy Scrubs’ aim to give back to them, as a thanks for their dedication and dependability throughout the pandemic. We’re delighted to be helping them to spread the word on the streets.



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