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Naloxone: The Hidden Lifesaver

Naloxone is a free medication that can reverse the effects of an opioid overdose – it’s The Hidden Lifesaver, and under UK law almost anyone is able to undergo training to carry it. It can be difficult to reach the heroin-using population as drug use is frequently treated as taboo in society, causing this marginalised community to be distrustful of outsiders. However, The Hidden Lifesaver campaign was created to speak to them directly, devised in collaboration with current and former heroin users making it relatable and more importantly, easier to trust.

This is the first ever nationwide effort to speak to the heroin-using community about naloxone and it’s come at a vital time – it was created in response to increasing deaths linked to overdoses. Shot by renowned street photographer Harry F Conway, the stories and faces are real people with their own lived experience, keen to address this issue across the nation in London, Manchester, Bristol, Birmingham, Glasgow, Cardiff and Edinburgh.

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