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Your Space Or Mine

Martin Baillie

Right now, some aspects of the lockdown we’ve been in since March are starting to slowly lift. Many of us may find ourselves reflecting on just what the last several weeks have demanded of us: to be selfless, to work hard, to miss out on things we enjoy. As the pandemic developed, ordinary people found themselves stepping into extraordinary roles, whether at home, at work or out on the streets. The BUILDHOLLYWOOD family have decided to work with Martin Baillie to shed a light on those ordinary people.

Baillie is a graphic designer based in Edinburgh who currently works with cultural organisations like V&A Dundee, Glasgow Short Film Festival and Dundee Contemporary Arts. For the collaboration, he has created a bold, blue poster with bright yellow, green and pink block lettering reading “Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things”. With a backdrop of images like cash registers, nurse’s uniforms and parcels, it highlights the necessary role that people from delivery workers to NHS staff to retail workers have played throughout the last few months. Plus, hopefully, it’ll help us to realise that their role is not yet over, even if we are allowed to go to the shops.

“Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things” is a fitting phrase to honour the way in which we have all worked towards safeguarding each other during the pandemic,” says Baillie of his design. As well as the visual references to key jobs, there are some more hidden nods to the various roles ordinary people have played: “The stitching line in the top-right corner of the design is a nod to the individuals and organisations who have given their time and resources to make scrubs and PPE, as well as the wider story of people all over the country who have been doing what they can to help, whether it be through volunteering or simply doing their very best to follow guidance and keep themselves and others safe.”

Even the colourful lettering designed and created by Baillie holds a deeper meaning and message: “The design also features bespoke type, with each letter built-up using geometric blocks, again alluding to the idea of people from different walks of life coming together.” We’ve had to all work together in recent months, helping out neighbours and friends with everyday tasks and keeping each other safe.

Baillie hopes that when ordinary people see the poster out in the streets (especially now they’re allowed out more regularly) it’ll “help to brighten up their day”. He wants to reinforce that everyone’s experience has been unique: “I imagine they’ll have their own examples of what the title “Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things’ means to them.” While things are easing up, the fight for many ordinary people is not over, the BUILDHOLLYWOOD family will continue to use their street space to honour them and to offer bright messages of hope to the community.

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