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Your Space Or Mine

Mark Titchner: London Bridge community

The way we experience and think about our neighbourhoods has changed dramatically over the past few months. Civic pride and shared responsibility to look after each other and our beloved spaces have contributed to a sense of community strength and solidarity, celebrated in a new series of artworks by artist Mark Titchner commissioned by Team London Bridge, now on display around London Bridge and across the capital.

Earlier this year, we spotlighted Mark Titchner’s artwork PLEASE BELIEVE THESE DAYS WILL PASS in a series of bright posters which offered a rallying cry for hope and endurance across nation during the early days of the pandemic. With the UK back behind closed doors, we are collaborating with Mark once again to showcase 4 new inspiring artworks on our sites across the capital as we head into the grey winter months. It includes the messages HOPE REVEALS THE WORLD, THERE WILL BE A WAY, THE SUN RISES BRIGHT and THE FUTURE WILL BE BUILT FROM TODAY.

‘The original concept for this series of artworks was based on the idea of offering a nurturing, reassuring presence as we ease back into our un/familiar streets. However, as I developed the texts for the works, I also felt a sense that this moment – despite all the difficulty – presents an immense opportunity; the opportunity to build a better version of what we had before. As such the aesthetic style of the works shifted away from something soothing towards something bold and celebratory. Reflecting a hope that despite all the challenges so far and those yet to come, we will be together again in the streets we know and love.’ – Mark Titchner

The vibrant artworks will be displayed on our poster sites until the end of the month to keep us feeling positive and inspired.

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