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Your Space Or Mine

Big Jeff

Big Jeff is an iconic part of the music scene in Bristol and beyond, and is widely known as Bristol’s most frequent gig-goer, having attended live shows every night of the week at venues across the city before the UK lockdown was implemented. Whilst the live industry has been on pause, he has turned his hand to painting to explore his emotions and inspirations.  The series of personal, vibrant paintings form a new body of work entitled Welcome To My World intend to spark conversations around mental health and disability.

“Art for me has been about expressing emotions I can’t explain another way. These paintings highlight my issues with barriers and hidden anxiety and mental health.”

As part of our ongoing Your Space Or Mine initiative to provide a platform for creatives on the street, we showcase a series of 14 vibrant paintings, on 7 billboards across Bristol, forming an outdoor gallery and trail to be enjoyed in a safe and accessible way by the local community. Jeff is “Hoping that these paintings bring colour and the light of hope to the viewer. I hope they encourage people who are down to look up!”

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