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Big Creative Academy

Towards the end of 2022, we had the pleasure of partnering up with Walthamstow Big Creative Academy, as part of Your Space Or Mine, on an original brief: to create a poster that would be eye-catching on the street and convey a message of genuine importance to participating students. Despite initial talks to only print six pieces, once we saw just how notably impressive the entries were, we had no choice but to reproduce and display all the artworks across our sites near the school. 

We recently returned to Walthamstow for year-two of this project, and to no surprise were impressed yet again by the calibre of work created by the third-year art and design students. As a testament to our ongoing work with established and emergent creatives, we yet again reprinted and displayed them both singly and in compendium, throughout London, as a celebration on the streets of all the student’s efforts and imagination.  

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