This installment of our Your Space Or Mine spotlight series is an interview with iconic artist Pogus Caesar. In addition to kindly sparing the time to talk to us Caesar has contributed two remarkable and apt images currently displayed on the streets UK wide in response to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Born in St Kitts, West Indies, Pogus Caesar grew up in Birmingham, UK. Originally a painter, a regional and national promoter of multi-cultural arts, acclaimed photographer, journalist, award winning film director and producer, a publisher…In short a polymath. But our focus is photography.

One of Caesar’s works currently up in our cities is called Black Skin, White Palm, Same Blood (2008) and shows a huddle of young black women and men standing in the street. The men are in the background, in the foreground a woman is facing away from the camera but holding up her outstretched palm so it becomes the focal point in the centre of the frame. ‘Talk to the hand…’ No Justice. No Peace.