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Fulfilment Services Ltd disseminate contemporary art across the capital

Borrowing the dystopian language of late-stage capitalism, the Fulfilment Services Ltd concept curated a city-wide art experience to disseminate through London, questioning the consumer-fulfilment-orientated modern world “through existing systems of production and circulation.”

A subsidiary of the Royal College of Art and part of a collaboration with contemporary curators Gasworks, we partnered with the mind-bending project, providing space for the distribution network to take over sites throughout London.

Acting as a commentary on capitalism and modern lives lived to excess, Fulfilment Services Ltd commissioned artworks created in response to an “alter-fulfilment narrative”. The resultant pieces – by Arvid&Marie, DNA, Florence Jung and Frank Wang Yefang – display “a rethinking of capitalist logistics disguised as the mechanical supply chain of fulfilment”. It’s a chain that we all know and are beginning to question more – particularly in response to climate concerns and following on from the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Connected by their unifying theme of “corroding existing networks of dissemination”, the commissioned artworks cover varied topic areas, with commentaries on surveillance, elitism, big tech and much more. They are ultra-contemporary in style, utilising textural and dimensional graphic design, anti-utopian text messaging and stark and blatant compositions to create eerie imaginings that feel other-worldly, but are very much grounded in reality.

The project utilised the streets and our billboard sites as impactful gallery space in Wandsworth, Tower Hamlets, Camden, Lambeth, Lewisham and Greenwich. You can also view the full curatorial programme on their website.



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