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Willie Sutherland

On Glasgow’s West Graham Street, our dedicated arts site continues to champion creativity and culture in the heart of the city – providing a platform for artists and supporting local charities and creatives.

The latest takeover, in partnership with photographer and multi-disciplinary artist Martin Gray, sees city native Willie Sutherland paying tribute to a late and great influence in the year that would’ve marked his centenary – George Wyllie – an artist known for both his humour and humanity.

Spread across six illuminated photographs, the 2D diorama brings Sutherland’s work, which tends to consist of physical sculptures, out of a gallery context and seamlessly into the public realm. The new works were created specifically for our bespoke illuminated gallery and contemplate the idea of the shared urban environment.

With a great deal of influence and commonality between George Wyllie and Willie Sutherland’s work, Sutherland has been involved with an ongoing series of collaborations with the George Wyllie Estate. A new group exhibition titled Christmas Day Down A Goldmine: A New Seam, reimagines, in 3D form, a 1984 seasonal sculptural exhibition in its entirety, using selected items on loan from the Wyllie family, new pieces by Sutherland and contributions by select invited artists inspired by items from the previous show.

Uniting works by both of the artists on the streets of their beloved Glasgow, we’ve been spotlighting posters promoting Christmas Day Down A Goldmine on our sites across the city – running alongside the bespoke West Graham Street installation.

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