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Our annual retrospective film is here

2020 was a bonafide annus horribilis. One to forget. Let’s move on, right? Bring on 2021. Don’t get us wrong, over here at BUILDHOLLYWOOD, we definitely feel the same, but at the same time – the trying times we went through in 2020 really brought out the best in people. They definitely brought out the best in us.

We had the pleasure of working on some incredibly inspiring campaigns. Campaigns that were spurred on by this collective new wave of energy – that made us smile, think, feel or just ones that were executed brilliantly.

Alongside this, our ongoing Your Space Or Mine project, which gives artists and creatives a platform on the street, really went from strength to strength last year. We collaborated with some amazing talent to place thought-provoking statements and imagery on our streets to celebrate the NHS and key workers, support the Black Lives Matter movement and encourage us all to be there for each other and keep smiling.

So we had a look back at what we’d done in 2020, made this little film, and you know what, it just made us feel a bit better about it all. As always, we couldn’t do any of this without you, so we wanted to thank you all for your support as we look forward to making this a cracking 2021 after what has, let’s face it, been a bumpy start.

We’ve got our shiny new BUILDHOLLYWOOD website coming soon as well – so keep your eyes peeled for that.



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