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The Sound Of The City: our 2023 film and zine have landed

Welcome to our latest celebration of city life: its pace and people, the million glances and the grind, skylines and quiet corners, all our futures and the years we’ve left behind walk the streets with us.

This is the 2023 BUILDHOLLYWOOD film and zine, where the city is not just a marketplace, it’s an embrace. It’s our home, our playground, heartland and inspiration. It’s a space where senses roam and minds are nourished. The imagery is a self-portrait. The resonant and telling words come courtesy of the marvellous Julianknxx.

We’ve been busy. We continue to bring you the sharpest urban messaging around with our panoply of street-side posters, spectacular creative billboards and eye-popping projections. There’s also the festivals, imaginative site-specific and in-store milieus, ambient projects, fun-loving experiential activity and much, much more.

All of this to promote the greatest sounds and films, the cleverest brands, musicals, poetry and prose, iconic fashion houses, banging clubs, exhibitions and openings, cult and classic comedy, artistic beauty…

So, what don’t we do? We don’t disappoint. Whatever bespoke connection with communities and audiences is required, BUILDHOLLYWOOD delivers. Watch our 2023 film, and sign up below to get a copy of our zine and see for yourself. You can follow along with all that’s still to come this year on our (now-united) social media channels, on Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.



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