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Cultivating the next wave of image makers with Noods Levels

Bristol based youth organisation Noods Levels, in partnership with the Martin Parr Foundation and with the support of WeTransfer, recently concluded the inaugural edition of PROCESS, an eight-week photography program aimed at nurturing emerging local talent in the field. Led by course mentor Lucy Werrett, six aspiring photographers embarked on a journey to explore and capture the essence of modern British culture through their lenses. JACK ARTS have partnered with PROCESS to bring the resulting body of work onto the streets of Bristol in a showcase display, giving each photographer a hero site to spotlight their work and bring it to wider audiences in the public realm.

The program kicked off with a deep dive into proposal-building techniques by James Allen, followed by focuses on various aspects of photography, including editing, color grading, lighting techniques, and practical shooting sessions. Renowned photographer Martin Parr provided invaluable feedback and shared insights from his own remarkable career, inspiring the next generation of image makers.



Sinag Yuson captures a new generation of punks who continue to rebel against conformist society, whilst building a safe community for expression and individuality.


Mitchell Williams uncovers the authentic essence of working-class culture in Britian documenting communities overlooked by mainstream media.


Natasha Lucas-Harniman documents the escapism and connection felt by British youth within the rave scene, seen through a fashion editorial lense.


Caspar Day explores Britian’s favourite subject, the weather and the aftermath of a Nation waking from the dark of winter with renewed hope and relief as Spring begins.


Cat Davies brings the undiscovered music and performance traditions of Wales to the forefront, with portraits of artists in a modern iteration of traditional Welsh dress set against the unpolished backdrops of local village halls.


Zach Nott explores the scene and community of new age tattoo artists through collaborative documentary style photography telling each of the artists story through unique visual styles.


The culmination of the program see’s the photographers’ works included in a custom zine, exhibited at the Royal Photographic Society and the Martin Parr Foundation and spotlighted in a city-wide public art intervention on our poster and billboard sites. The partnership not only provided the emerging talent with a platform to exhibit their creativity, but has also helped in building their portfolios, professional networks, and industry confidence. PROCESS highlights the importance of nurturing and empowering emerging talents in the photography industry, paving the way for a more diverse and inclusive creative landscape.

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