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All we need do is stroll about with our eyes open. Life swarms with innocent monsters.

There’s a bookstore in Ginza Tokyo, which sells only one book. Every week the owner chooses the book, presents it in the centre of the shop, and curates a mini exhibition of artwork, photographs and related items around it.

An intensely beautiful concept.

Location and curation creates the context, which, combined with the simplicity and purity of the concept, delivers an elevated, compelling and memorable experience.

Jack came together with BBC Creative for a campaign last year to promote Killing Eve series 2 and used a very similar equation, albeit on a much larger scale.

It was a complex integrated campaign that was successful due to the simplicity and power of the execution and, vitally, the context in which it all went down, the streets.

The campaign combined unique poster formats across the UK (London, Birmingham, Manchester, Sheffield, Cardiff, Bristol) with a combination of 4 sheet takeovers, 48 sheets, 24 sheets all carefully selected to ensure the artwork fit perfectly for each particular space.

The creative mechanic had a tease and reveal stage, evolving into a conversation between the two lead characters played out over the billboards. The campaign displayed statements of obsession “Have you seen my girlfriend,” “I’m going to make you sorry, baby,” and “I thought you were special,” which were then tagged with a hand written message from Eve with a live mobile phone number for curious fans to call.


Words by Olly Dixon

The creative was simple and striking so needed a format to match. Using a unique letterbox, almost widescreen style framing, to create additional drama and give greater space and power to the copy.

In the show the characters spend much of their time in cities with some scenes shot on the same streets as the billboard sites. This urban setting was vital to the success of the campaign, bringing to life the dynamic of the relationship but also adding context.

The context was created through the living canvas of the streets with an ever-changing cast of real people who looked, smiled, shot and shared the campaign. The buildings and architecture, street art and music, sounds and smells surrounding the sites elevated and added energy to this living, breathing campaign.

The campaign was an instant hit with fans who were invited to locate all of Villanelle’s billboards, share their photographs online and call Eve Polastri’s voicemail. As the amount of press and digital sharing grew many more people began to search out the billboards to see the dialogue unfold between the characters.

It became just one of the thousands of stories and narratives taking place on our streets everyday. As Charles Baudelaire said “What strange phenomena we find in a great city, all we need do is stroll about with our eyes open. Life swarms with innocent monsters.” a very befitting summary of this killer campaign.

Killing Eve series 3 is available now on BBC iplayer.

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