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Your Space Or Mine

Aida Wilde’s anti-gentrification mural

Iranian born, London based artist, activist and educator, Aida Wilde’s work comprises consummate skill and acute social observation across fine printmaking, installation, urban poster interventions, billboards, murals and more. At the onset of the COVID 19 lockdown Wilde was busy making a bathroom sized live environment as part of disCONNECT LDN, Schoeni Projects’ inaugural show. Reflecting on the pandemic, on the effect it was having on individuals’ behaviour and the communities it has most impacted, she said ‘This thing is going to take a long time to sink in, for us to process it.’ Part of the bathroom install, a duo of faux warning signs (also sited in the street) told it straight: ‘CHANGED PRIORITIES AHEAD’, ‘DUE TO A WORLD WIDE PANDEMIC’.

So, along with other renowned artists who’ve made bold statements in the public domain – Jenny Holzer, Barbara Kruger, the Guerrilla Girls – Wilde doesn’t mince words. Her infamous print ‘DADDY I WANT A FUCKING PONY’ being a case in point. The spoilt, petulant tone summons up Roald Dahl’s Veruca Salt character in ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ while at the same time it addresses a privileged sense of entitlement, class iniquity, the patriarchy, consumerism… And it’s funny. Wilde’s wit speaks multiple truths. Which brings us to ‘DADDY I WANT TO PAINT A LOUSY MURAL IN SHOREDITCH!’. A riff on the snarky ‘I went to X and all I got was this lousy t-shirt’ trope, is the artist perchance suggesting East London’s good folk might be overly exposed to glib, sometimes even cynical art on walls? We’ll leave that to you Dear Reader.

The BUILDHOLLYWOOD family of JACK, JACK ARTS and DIABOLICAL has collaborated with curator Olly Walker to realise this work, the latest Your Space Or Mine project which gives artists and creatives a platform on the street. With Dr.D aka Subvertiser‘s vulpine support, Wilde has made her own ironic wish come true and created an apt and timely riposte to the role that some variations of street based art have played in the gentrification of our cities.

Calling for a more thoughtful approach regarding urban interventions Wilde has said ‘I want us to be more conscious of what we’re putting out there, who we are working for and with and the wider implications of what we do. And I want us to question the effect our creations have on local communities and their attitudes.’ Wilde’s ‘LOUSY MURAL’ for Your Space Or Mine evinces both ethical concern and a motivation to visually delight viewers. Bespoke, eye-catching communication that embraces germane placement, wit and a working moral compass: The BUILDHOLLYWOOD family’s ideal artist partner for sure.


Words by Adrian Burnham

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