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Jack Arts

Everyone Verses Racism: Patrick Hutchinson

It should not be black against white it should be everyone versus racism.  On 13 June 2020, Patrick Hutchinson, was photographed carrying an injured man to safety during a confrontation between Black Lives Matter demonstrators and counter-protestors.

This poignant image received worldwide recognition, came to represent hope amid despair and has been upheld as a defining moment of 2020 and the BLM movement.

Everyone Versus Racism is a poignant letter from Hutchinson to his children and grandchildren, ‘I just want equality, equality for all of us.’ – Writing from the heart, Hutchinson describes the realities of life as a black man today and explores why we must unite to inspire change for generations to come.

We worked with Harper Collins to promote the poignant new release and bring this eye-catching and important takeover to the streets of London.

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