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TikTok: Discover Music

TikTok has well and truly taken the world by storm. As the most-downloaded app of this year with hundreds of millions of monthly users, it’s shaking up social media with a video-first approach, and users’ penchant for lo-fi content. Not only that, it’s become the place to set trends – whether it’s fashion, beauty, memes, or often, music.

We worked with TikTok to showcase the app’s musical side on city streets nationwide. With its music feature being responsible for creating hits, launching new artists to stardom, and bringing back forgotten tracks, the creatives centred around the app’s ability to let users “discover the hits of summer back in spring” and “be the person who knew them before they were big”.

The mega Discover Music campaign took over our sites in Bristol, Sheffield, Birmingham, Cardiff, London, Brighton, Manchester and Glasgow, pulling together creative billboards with 3D constructions, light-up elements, moving parts and flower installations, alongside street posters with sharp slogans in the app’s trademark colours and fonts. Our site by The Black Cap in Camden also provided a perfect backdrop for some of TikTok’s music creators to come and film viral content tying in with the campaign.

Photo: Matty Bovan Studio

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