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Jack Arts

Scottish Water: Piped by Us. Owned by You.

We can often take it for granted, but water is the lifeblood of our daily routines; from quenching our thirst to keeping us clean. Scottish Water is proudly publicly owned and ensures that over 1.5 billion litres of fresh, clean drinking water flows from the highlands to taps across the nation every day. 

Highlighting the important role water plays in the lives of the people of Scotland, their new multi-channel campaign ‘Piped by Us. Owned by You.’ urges everyone to value and safeguard this invaluable natural asset. JACK ARTS Scotland joined forces with Talon and Scottish Water to take this vital message to Glasgow’s streets with a campaign inspired by the nation’s breathtaking landscape and its people. This included street posters and a striking photorealistic mural created by local artist Rogue One, now proudly exhibited at Scottish Water’s offices. 

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