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Your Space Or Mine

Philip Morgan: God Bless The NHS

Like many of us lately, artist Philip Morgan has been solely focused on the pandemic. His Instagram is full of colourful, straightforward drawings that convey the various annoyances and quirks of COVID-19 and the associated lockdown: supermarket queues, Captain Tom Moore, facemasks and rainbows, and the imperative need to, well, stay home.

Working across a variety of mediums, Philip’s work is bright, eye-catching and modern, which made it ideal for our latest poster collaborations. Intending to bring positivity and light to dark days and dark streets, we wanted to work with Philip to create a series of posters for display across Cardiff.

The pieces, which show bright red hands forming a heart shape, read “God Bless the NHS” in blue lettering. The message is simple, designed to inspire, disrupt, and hopefully bring some much-needed hope to the thousands of health workers trekking to work in cities every day.

Philip wanted to acknowledge the hard work of not just doctors and nurses, but everyone working on the front lines to care for COVID-19 patients and other people every single day: “There are some amazing people working on the frontline right now, and not just all the wonderful doctors and nurses putting their lives at risk, but all the carers, shop workers, bus drivers, delivery drivers. all doing a fantastic job. You make us all very proud.” he says of the work.

Philip’s pieces, which are visible on our poster sites in Cardiff, are a reminder of the life-risking work that those people are undertaking every single day just to keep us safe.


Words by Marianne Eloise

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